About Us

Dear customer
Welcome to the Storybookdolls online store. Our product types are auto parts, Gifts, and Tools. Furniture. Decorations and clothing, jewelry mainly. To provide high-quality goods and services to consumers around the world.
We have partners who can meet their needs and make them feel close. It is in our thoughts to embrace life and the environment, human beings, and nature. Design thinking of spirit and material
Brand concept
Romantic and natural, derived from romantic ecologism, especially spiritual ecology: that is, it is concerned with the healthy growth of spiritual subjects but also related to the balance, stability, and evolution of the ecosystem under the coordination of spiritual variables, inclusive of life and environment, human and nature, society and the earth, spirit and material world view.
Since its inception, In February 2021, we sold many excellent products online. For 4 years, we have provided many excellent products to customers all over the world.
Brand development
In February 2021, the Storybookdolls brand was established.
In June 2022, 14,000 customers were served.
In February 2023, the number of products exceeded 16,000.
We always try our best to provide our customers with a good online shopping experience, not only to ensure the smooth progress of the purchase process but also to ensure good after-sales service. Please don't hesitate to contact us with comments, feedback, suggestions, and even criticism.
If we do not do well, we hope customers urge us to improve. Especially product quality and service quality, we will listen to your suggestions to better improve
We remain true to our original aspiration and take a long-term view. We will continue to enrich our products, and continue to control product quality, to achieve customer satisfaction.
Chief Executive Officer - Lee
Thank you for your visit, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Happy shopping!