3 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray

Size:  30ml


Are you tired of frequent waxing and polishing to maintain your car's shine?

This ceramic coating spray provides a long-lasting shine and protection, eliminating the need for constant waxing and polishing. Its advanced nanotechnology creates a durable layer that enhances your car's appearance with minimal effort.

The 3 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray offers a waterless wash convenience, allowing you to maintain a clean car without the need for frequent traditional washes. Its advanced formulation repels dirt and grime, making your vehicle easier to clean and maintain.

Advanced Nanotechnology

The High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray leverages advanced nanotechnology to create a microscopic layer of protection on your vehicle's surface. This cutting-edge approach ensures the coating bonds on a molecular level, providing a durable shield against environmental pollutants and minor abrasions.

The nanotechnology not only enhances the coating's adherence to the paint but also fills in the microscopic pores on the surface. This results in a smoother finish, reducing drag and maintaining the car's pristine appearance over time, even under harsh weather conditions.

Scratch Resistance

While no coating can make a vehicle completely impervious to scratches, the High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray significantly enhances the paint's resistance to minor scratches and swirl marks. The added layer of protection helps safeguard the vehicle's surface from everyday wear and tear, including the marks left by washing and drying.

This scratch resistance maintains the smoothness and uniformity of the paint, keeping the vehicle looking polished and well-maintained. It reduces the need for frequent touch-ups and repairs, ultimately saving time and costs associated with paint maintenance.

Shines & Protects In Just 30 Minutes

Extreme Water Beading Action: 3 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray is a highly concentrated simple to use diy graphene ceramic coating, perfect on its own or as an added layer of protection for your current Ceramic Coating or waxes.

Long Lasting Durability and Protection: Protect your car from harmful UV rays, water, dirt, grimes, dust and debris on contact. Experience lasting protection for a minimum of 6+ months with our 3 in 1 High Protection Ceramic Coating Spray.

Quick & Easy Application: Our ceramic coatings are extremely powerful when combined however through our advanced formula diy car enthusiasts can safely and effortlessly apply the coatings. Safely and effortlessly apply the coatings with just a spray and wipe - no residue or streaks left behind.

Simple and Fast Waterless Cleaning: Just spray it on your car paint and it will instantly remove dirt, grime, bird droppings, bugs, mud, dust, grease, and stubborn stains on contact, saving time and money.

Diamond-like Protection: Using an advanced nanotechnology formula, your car's surface will develop a protective coating that lasts for months and provides a lasting shine. Removes water spots, oxidation, and many other contaminants that can damage car paint.

Prevents Surface Aging: Natural elements can darken and damage surfaces over time, but with our 3-in-1 high-protection car spray, you can rest assured that your car won't show its age because the product will resist fading and cracking.