Cutting Machine Misting System Water Sprayer

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Keep away from dust, cherish life



High efficiency dust collector: precision cleaning position, reduce dust, protect your health, clean the dust on the of the cutter, easy to clean, use less water to clean most of the dust

Save time: cooling sprayer nozzle can improve processing accuracy and processing efficiency, increase cutting speed to save time and cost

High quality material: there are many ABS flexible body, light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, is a non-conductive quality sprinkler

Widely used: widely used for dust removal in various cutting machines, also can be used for other water spraying requirements: heating and cooling, plant watering, etc.

Easy to install
simply fix the spout of the cutter on the stainless steel fixing then insert the hose through the nut at the end of the sprayer and tighten it.


  • Material: Pure copper + Stainless steel + ABS
  • Size: about 135MM/5.31in
    Nozzle diameter: 6mm/0.23in
    Clampable thickness: 5mm/0.19in or less
  • Package included: Sprayer Only / Sprayer + 10M hose + Water connection