Electric Lint Remover

Color:  Green
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Are you tired of constantly throwing away your favorite clothes because of pesky lint and fuzz? Say goodbye to that frustration with our Electric Lint Remover! 

This revolutionary product uses a rotating inner blade that effortlessly removes and collects excess fuzz from your clothing in an instant. But that's not all, the Fabric Shaver is also safe to touch with a guard that protects both your fabric and your hands.


👉 Rotating inner blade: Our Fabric Shaver's inner blade spins to quickly and effectively remove excess fuzz from your clothing.

👉 Safe to touch: With a guard that prevents any damage to your fabric or hands, you can use our Fabric Shaver with peace of mind.

👉 Removable storage compartment: The storage compartment collects all the removed fuzz and is easily removable for cleaning.

👉 Restores old clothing: Don't throw away your old clothes just yet! Our Fabric Shaver can restore them to their former glory.


- Material: ABS

- Color: white, green

- Size: 13.5*7.5cm

- Using time: 3-4 hours

- Charging time: 1-2 hours (USB)


Using our Electric Lint Remover is a breeze. Simply turn it on and run it over the desired fabric. With just one swipe, you'll see all the excess fluff balls disappear into the removable storage compartment. And when the compartment is 70% full, simply clean it out for continued use. Don't forget to also clean around the stainless steel blade for optimal performance.


Q: How long does it take to charge?

A: It only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge our Electric Lint Remover with the included USB cable.

Q: Can I use it on all types of fabric?

A: Yes, our Fabric Shaver is safe to use on all types of fabric, including delicate materials. Don't let lint and fuzz ruin your favorite clothing.

With our Electric Lint Remover, you can easily and quickly remove them to restore your clothes to their original beauty. Order now and experience the convenience and effectiveness of our product for yourself!

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