Color:  Green
Bundle & Save:  1 strap-Single



Organization and cleanliness: Drain baskets help organize kitchen sinks by keeping utensils and other items from cluttering the drain area. They prevent food scraps and debris from clogging the drain, thus promoting cleanliness.


Preventing plumbing issues: By catching food particles and debris, drain baskets prevent blockages in the pipes. This can reduce the likelihood of plumbing problems such as clogs and backups, saving homeowners from costly repairs and maintenance.



Convenience: Drain baskets make it easier to dispose of food waste by allowing users to simply lift them out of the sink and empty them into the trash or compost bin. This saves time and effort compared to manually cleaning out the sink drain.



Extend the life of garbage disposals: For sinks equipped with garbage disposals, drain baskets can help protect the disposal unit by preventing large food scraps and other objects from entering and potentially damaging the blades or motor. This can extend the lifespan of the disposal unit and reduce the need for repairs or replacements.