Trouser leg straps

Lange:  5M
Color:  white



  • Easy to operate, just "one minute" to modify the pants!
  • It replaces the traditional nice and comfortable pants seam.
  • √ Not easy to shrink
  • √ Soft and skin friendly
  • √ High viscosity
  • √ Easy to use


▶▶▶ Free cutting

They can be cut to any length at will, can be fixed to the pants, and are not easy to move. Then roll up your pants. Hold the tape together for a few seconds and then it will hold.

▶▶▶ secure

High quality safety adhesive, M5 tape is denser and stronger. Our special adhesives keep the skin safe and do not cause irritation.

▶▶▶ Easy to clean

We use safe materials that are comfortable all day, but also easy to clean, so you don't have to deal with annoying residues or unsightly glue marks.

▶▶▶ Multi-purpose

Very suitable for pant legs and cuffs, you can cut clothes to the right position, suitable for different fabric cuts, etc.

1. Use a ruler and colored powder to outline the position of the pleats to make the legs look nice.
2. Cut off the necessary fabric, which should be straight when cut. Too curved and slanted for appearance.
3. The pants are sealed with water, belong to shrinkage, and control the shrinkage of the iron after extrusion and forming.
4. The white part is a rubber band. Set yours. He's listening in the middle.
5. You can attach it directly to the leg of your pants with an iron. The overlap of the pants opening is a 2-3 cm circle.