The frames are very comfortable and stay on the face.

Color:  Black
Diopter:  '+1.00 / 40-45 YEAR OF AGE


✨Frameless reading glasses, be your personal eye guard✨

Anti-wear, anti-drop, lens light, resin HD, optimized thickness design, light weight, ultra-thin, sturdy, scratch-resistant, waterproof and oil-proof, providing you with more reliable safety protection
▶Blue Light Blocking

Our blue light blocking glasses use nanometer-level coating technology, which can filter out up to 95% of harmful blue light within this wavelength range. This means that our glasses can reduce the amount of harmful blue light that your eyes are exposed to, thereby reducing eye strain and protecting your vision. These values are based on experimental and technical tests to ensure that you get the best protection when using our blue light blocking glasses.

▶High-Strength Lightweight Materials
We've decided to produce our collection from the high-grade PC+Metal used in aerospace technology as it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. This also means our glasses only weigh 0.6oz/17g. You can wear them for hours and forget you have them on.
▶Robust and durable
Experience the perfect blend of style and durability with our women's anti-blue light reading glasses, featuring sturdy hinges. These hinges are engineered to ensure your glasses remain intact and reliable through daily wear and tear. No need to worry about constant adjustments or repairs – these glasses are built to last.
▶A Fascinating Design

Step into the world of elegance with our women's anti-blue light reading glasses, showcasing an alluring curved temple design. The sleek curves not only add a touch of sophistication but also ensure a comfortable fit that complements your facial contours. These glasses are designed to be both fashionable and functional, allowing you to stay on-trend while enjoying a personalized and snug fit.

▶Comfortable to Wear

Your comfort is our priority, and that's why we've equipped these anti-blue light reading glasses with skin-friendly and comfortable nose pads. The soft and gentle material ensures a frictionless fit, preventing any irritation or discomfort. Now you can indulge in reading or screen time without the distraction of uncomfortable glasses. Embrace the luxury of comfort with our thoughtfully designed nose pads.

World's top production teams: We pay attention to detail is unmatched, using cutting-edge materials for comfort and durability. Precision-engineered PC+Metal frames or handcrafted PC masterpieces, their creations exude luxury.

This lens is great for general use as well as many outdoor activities - they can protect the eyes in very little light and sharp vision (inside or pre dawn) through to the sunniest of conditions.

Anti-scratch lens test:


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